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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As the Wind Blows: A Mexican Soap Opera

I am taking a break from my UK Quest to visit Cancun... here's the story so far:

While waiting on Leigh @ the airport I observed a bizarre, I think incestuous mother-son duo… The boy was probably 16 and they were obviously wealthy… Now, I have 2 brothers but I have never seen them rub/ massage their mom the way this kid was… and the dad was just standing there, in a resigned sort of state… UGH!

Luckily Leigh arrived and drew my attention away from this scene. We made it through all the security and such… while waiting for boarding we were approached by some sorority sisters asking of we went to UT… I should have known. Upon boarding the plane—I was smack in the middle of sorority row. As I read my book, I passed things from row to row for them…

Top comment overheard on sorority row:

~Don’t drink so much water—you have to save room for the beer!

We made it to Cancun, bobbed and weaved through customs, and finally found our shuttle to the resort. MW was waiting for us at the front of the resort. My new friend Norma checked us in: "How many years are you?" "31" I replied. "You look MUCH less," said Norma… LOVE HER!

Dinner @ Paco’s Tacos was great… CHIMICHANGA… and my first margarita of the trip… Ah—this is the life!

Here I must tell you that our theme for the week is Mexican soap opera. So we all have new names and personas. Leigh is Marcella—she is a gold digger by trade. Laura is Pilar—an archaeologist/ anthropologist—she is good at "digging up" others’ secrets—plus we think she will be most useful to the trip to Chicken Itza. MW is Rosa—she is a tabloid reporter who relies on the maid—me—Sophia Lupita Margarita Chimichanga—for dirt on my employers: Marcella and Soledad (DJ)—who is the governor of this place where we are. There are several side players which I will introduce later when more of the plot is revealed.

(L to R: Pilar, Sophia Lupita Margarita Chimichanga, Rosa, & Marcella)

We went to Pancho and Willie’s where we were supposed to meet up with MW’s family after a wedding event… They never showed, but we had a great time jammin’ out to the cover band and drinking…

There were lots of interesting tourists to watch. MW and I hit the dance floor only to have an up-close view of a FAT man pull up his shirt, slap his stomach, rub it, then slap his ass and shake around. Members of the band couldn’t sing they were laughing so hard. We headed back to the table where we had a front row seat to another interesting performance. There was a table of 6 adults in front of us—I’d say they were in their 50s… well first one of the ladies jumped up and started dancing. She had on a strapless white dress with 2 ruffles (think ala 1985)… First we weren’t real sure the dress would stay up… next she grabs both ruffles and starts shaking them up and down… Lesson learned here: TOP RUFFLE ONLY!!! After awhile, white dress lady went somewhere only to be replaced by her friend (also dressed in ALL white—perhaps fresh from shooting ONE OF THOSE commercials)… This lady had on one of those white crocheted sweaters—the one most people wear a tank top under… Yeah, not this woman… just the bra… classy. Anyhoo, she pops up dancing… even between songs when there was no music, she kept moving… Next thing we know white dress is back and the two head off towards the dance floor. While they chose to stay off the main floor and dance together in a secluded spot—they were certainly entertaining.

Monday we lounged by the pool, enjoyed free tacos and beer @ Pancho and Willie’s (YES, they let us back in after we closed them down the night before)… and took Pilar to the slightly sketchy doctor for her diagnosis: conjunctivitis… That night we hosted an appetizer party for Rosa’s family—we had pizza dip, guacamole, ham rolls, a dessert roll, chips, nuts, birthday cake, beer, margaritas, and mojitos.

On the way back from lunch Marcella almost stepped on an iguana on the sidewalk It was quite a hilarious scene… especially as when we went back to the pool two guys walking around taking pictures of people with this HUGE iguana.. they honed in on Leigh trying to get her to pose with it… At one point I was convinced she would jump in the pool to get away.

Today Leigh and I spent the whole day by the pool… MW woke up feeling shitty—spent the AM covered up by the pool—FREEZING…. Yeah—it was 80+… so the next trip to the sketchy doctor office was hers… 2 shots later she looked much better. Her 104 fever broke so things are looking up for Rosa. Sophia Lupita Margarita Chimichanga and Marcella are scared to wake up tomorrow—unsure of what illness will befall them…