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Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Month Gone: Done & Dusted

I've been a little blog-blocked lately... not by lack of topics-- but by lack of time... and energy.. and motivation to even open the laptop...

The past few weeks at school have been INSANE! So much going on... There have been highs and lows for sure. One high was being named as Teacher of the Year for my school. In many ways this is a pain-- the paperwork you have to fill out for the county "contest" is ridiculous. There was also very little of it that asked about what you do IN the classroom-- which I found odd. I shudder to think what the county winners had to fill out for the state! EEsh!

Miss Priss has been sick off and on for what seems like FOREVER! Lately she has had a nasty cough that just will not go away. I have taken her to the Dr the last 2 weeks... Monday she got 2 antibiotic shots, a prescription for a new, stronger antibiotic, and a prescription for a steroid. HOPE this helps her! She's been so sad!

Sicky-Sick on Monday

My Mini-Me

Lunch Date with her Bestie

Meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog at Mommy's school

(That first one was so sad, I had to add some recent HAPPY shots as well!)

Probably the biggest thing I have done (& CRAZIEST!) in the last couple weeks (well, yesterday actually) was take 85+ 4th and 5th Graders to Nashville to see the Emancipation Proclamation and tour the State Capitol Building. All in all they were very good-- we survived two 3.5 hr bus rides, a crowded museum, the Governor's workplace, and a McDonald's too boot! It was an amazing trip-- a once-in-a-lifetime for many of them... but man I am glad it is done and I can RELAX!

On the Steps of the State Capitol
Proving I was there too!

COLD picnic lunch!

NASHVILLE! State Capitol in the background

In addition to the Emancipation Proclamation, we got to see the final 13th Amendment-- yep! That's Abe Lincoln's signature right there! SO COOL!
Tonight I am looking forward to a gathering at my favorite Beer Dinosaur's abode for some tasty beverages! I'm working on some sweet treats to take as we speak-- Almond Joy Cupcakes and a Red Velvet Cheeseball... Mmmmmmmmm!