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British Special Air Force is: 'Those who risk, win.' "

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Day Blog Prompt Challenge

I've decided to get re-motivated back into blogging by doing one of these "30 Day Blog Prompt Challenges"... Sometimes it's nice to have someone tell you what to write about.  :)

Day 1: Write some Basic Things about Yourself

This always sounds easier than it is...

First and foremost I am "mummy" to the most beautiful girl in the world! She is the light in my life and my motivation to keep going everyday. Watching her learn everyday and grow, and to see her personality develop is the best thing EVER!

Wife-- hubby is from England... we met in Vegas which sounds way more scandalous than it really was. We have been through a lot but we keep on keepin' on.

Teacher-- Most days I love my job... some days I want to run screaming from the building. Some days I do run screaming from the building... Last year we departmentalized, so instead of having 28 kids all day long for all subjects, I now have all 4th and 5th graders for social studies only. I LOVE this! This year one of my favorite things was hearing kids say that social studies was fun for once-- and that now SS is their favorite class. That rocks!

Friend-- I, hands down, have some of the MOST amazing friends ever! I still have friends from elementary school... high school... college... previous jobs... teacher pals... friends of friends that are now better friends... Without these people in my life, I wouldn't be who I am, or where I am now...

That's about it in a nutshell.... I have several hobbies- I love to bake and have a side "business" making cakes and cupcakes... I love to cook and play around in the kitchen... I'm a former colorguard performer and instructor, and still like to keep up with the activity through people I know still involved.... reading-- I have challenged myself to read 35 books this year... I also count audiobooks which I listen to frequently while I drive, clean, bake, etc.

OK, so what about you? What are some of your basics? How would you describe yourself in one word?