"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy. A motto of the
British Special Air Force is: 'Those who risk, win.' "

Sunday, November 30, 2008


So to the unknowing eye it might appear I have done NOTHING today... but OH CONTRAIRE! I have been quite busy, though I have not left the couch or changed out of my pjs... I have been working on my resume (again!) and trying to figure out a good plan for getting myself a teaching gig overseas... (which is why I created THIS blog, afterall).

So... several schools I have investigated use agencies to fill their teaching positions. I have previously applied with one of these agencies, but they tend to deal more with secondary teachers. One school I have looked at had some upcoming recruitment fairs listed on their site. So I clicked on the link to the company organizing the fair... and have been working on applying with them. The idea being, perhaps I will be-bop myself to their employment fair in Chicago and land an interview with some schools abroad.

WHEW! See, I told you I have been busy!

I just sent my resume to a principal friend, and while waiting on his suggestions, I decided to check the horoscope. Here is what it says for today:

You have been led along by others for way too long. You need to reassert yourself.

No matter who you're dealing with today, you can expect to be in sync and ready for almost anything that comes your way. It's a great time to coordinate plans and long-range ambitions.

Sweet! Long range ambitions! That is what I have spent ALL DAY on!

Through this particular company you can request domestic locations, as well as those abroad. So I also mentioned that, since it is hard as junk to get on in the UK, I have also pondered relocating to Nashville. So even if my BIG goal isn't achieved this year, my *slightly* smaller relocation goal might be.

**fingers crossed!**

Little Doors

Friday night I met Leigh @ Cancun's for our much needed margarita night-- both of us had stories of recent life events and psychotic episodes to tell... As it was not a school night, we had 2 pitchers instead of 1... wow.

Amongst the tales of recent trips and international texts, we discussed the upcoming holidays. I told Leigh how my stepmother gave us all an advent box this year as part of our gift. So each day (starting tomorrow, I am NOT a cheater!) I will open a door in the box... Leigh mentioned she might do an Advent Blog of sorts... each day in December write about something she is thankful for, etc. Sounds like a good plan to me...

....SO... I am going to do something similar. Some days it may be words of wisdom, or a funny anecdote... some days it may be a link or video... some jewel that has been shared with me and thus should be shared with you....

The last few years I have had trouble finding the Christmas "Spirit"... I am hoping this year will be different. I have already decorated-- I really do love the quiet evenings when the only thing on in my house are the trees. In fact, I slept in the livingroom last night and just enjoyed the quiet and glow.

So we shall see. I don't promise that all "Advent" posts will be Christmas themed-- but I will try to make them worth the anticipation of opening that little door...

ps-- I will also keep you updated on what is in my advent box!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Things I am thankful for (in no particular order):

~a good job
~red wine, champagne, & margaritas
~Las Vegas
~Int'l texting :)
~my cats (even Carl who just turned over a glass of the above mentioned red wine)
~Girl Weekends in Nashville
~digital cameras
~a new President
~books on cd

I am especially thankful for another year to work on achieving my goals and dreams. Teaching school (esp in a rural area) makes me thankful for every opportunity I have, as well as all the opportunities I have had in my life. I am extremely lucky-- I have travelled, been surrounded by supportive family and friends, and been given much. Because of this I feel I have become a stronger person. I am no longer fearful about a lot of things. I am ready for change-- and motivated to make it happen.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Thanksgiving. The Xmas season is upon us once again. I hope to get more "in the spirit" this year. Tomorrow the plan is to begin the decorating process. This means it will be acceptable to watch some of my fav holiday films... White Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated), and, of course, The Holiday and Love Actually-- though I watch those year-round... I admit. :)

Here are some photos from today:

Mamaw with the grandkids and great-grandkids (minus Mary Beth)

John sneaks into the pictures

Round 1 with the grandkids (before Parri & the girls arrived)

John & Karenna-- quite the duo!

Turkey Thoughts

Here we are again. Thanksgiving: a time for reflection and gratitude for all we have in this world.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you got where you are? And how did the people important to you become so? Obviously family members you are pretty much stuck with. But what about your friends? Why them?

School is where most of us begin our friendships. People our age we are thrown in a room with for 12+ years of our lives. You know the TRUE friends from those years because you keep up with them after everyone has gone their separate ways. Timing... fate... it all comes into play. (Yes, I know some of you don't buy into the FATE thing, but I do... so BACK OFF!) :)

Some people come into your lives in strange ways. Chance encounters... random meetings... weird coincidences. Many times the people we happen upon during these times continue on w/o much notice. But occassionally, one sticks with you. I like to believe there are reasons for that. 5 minutes later and it might not have been... or it could have been someone else.

Throughout my life I have made friends with some awesome people. Several of my closest friends are still those from my school years. Recently I have become close friends with people I met through mutual acquaintances--- which is always fun when you discover you like the NEW friends better than the one that introduced you... hahahahaha. But as I think about it, I have some good friends that are completely random meets.

Once in college I met a guy on a plane. I was pass-flying and thus was bumped off 2 other flights in Dallas. I FINALLY got on a flight-- LAST available seat-- in the VERY back of the plane. There was a guy sitting in the aisle seat-- I was in the window seat. My first memory was this guy trying to stand up with his seat belt on. Anyway, we talked the whole flight... I had mentioned that I was on the colorguard @ UT... and with some simple cyber-stalking, he located my email address and contacted me. Could possibly have been creepy I guess... but it wasn't. We became friends... and anytime I was in Atlanta to visit my aunt, we would meet up-- he even came to my aunt's and help assemble some blocks for my cousins. My aunt no longer lives in Atlanta... but I keep up with my airplane friend and have even stayed with him and his girlfriend when in town.

Why is it that we have such strong connections with some people that we don't even know? Does that mean you were meant to be friends with this person? Is it all coincidence? Am I am gigantic rambling fool? (it is rather late right now...) ;-)

My most recent random friend was met in Vegas 2 trips ago... The girls and I were acting a fool in our favorite Vegas haunt (Napoleon's)... we just randomly pulled guys up to dance with us. Turns out we grabbed some Brits... and we all know how I love anything pertaining to England. I promptly exclaimed "I am moving to England!" and thus began conversations. After several dances and sing-a-longs... we departed. Two nights later--- BOOM! There they are again. Now in my opinion. seeing a person twice in Vegas is pretty incredible. After more (slightly intoxicated) conversation, and a poorly drawn map of the US (do we REALLY need Florida anyway?)... we exchanged emails. And there it began.

I don't really want to get into a lot of details that most of you would find amazingly dull... It's just that recently I have been thinking about how all this came about. Why did I meet this specfic person? WHY did I see him twice in one trip? How is it that we are still in contact (despite some crazy issues and odds...) What does it mean?

Does it mean anything at all?

or is it all just random coincidence?

It's complicated.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Choi to the World!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend in Nashville with the Vegas Girls... Justy and I met Autumn, Justin, and Micheal @ the Opryland Hotel for some photo shoots... and then be-bopped around Opry Mills. Justin and Micheal headed for home, and the girls headed for FUN... I'm not really going to go into detail... but there was some shopping... and some beverage intake... some 80s movie re-enacting... LOTS of laughter... and a possible engagement.

More Pics...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Horoscope Told Me To!

Well yes, I have been MIA lately... things have been hectic and crazy both at school and home. Just checked my horoscope (also for the first time in AGES)... and it said:

Take some time to focus on you today, whether writing in a journal or starting a new exercise plan. This may give you a new outlook on your life and people will notice a difference in your demeanor. Today's not a good one to make quick financial decisions. Tonight, you may want to relax and go to bed early.

So... this is my "journal" and I am writing in it... (CHECK)

Start a new exercise plan... well, Sunday I went with Josh to the gym where he works out. The guy there gave me a 2 wk. membership. It really isn't convienient @ all... but they are supposed to be building a new one near us (fingers crossed)... so we shall see. But anyway, Sunday I did about 4 miles total... not "running" per se... but 2 miles was on the eliptical machine... and the other 2 at a fast pace.

Went back tonight... did 4 more miles... actually ran part this time :) I know, I know... gotta get my a$$ in gear before March. And it is COLD here now-- making it less likely I will get myself outside and moving. SO... at the end of my 2 weeks, I may have to break down and get a membership... and hope this new gym near the house opens soon.

So, new exercise plan (CHECK)

Along the same lines, I am registered for another 5K in a couple weeks. Gonna see if I can improve my time. Surely I can.

Relax and go to bed early.... WHOOPS!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whip Cream & Tequila

One last b-day celebration took place @ Cancun's with Leigh. We meet there every couple of weeks for margaritas... We did this for Leigh's b-day as well... and learned that the Mexicans (at least THESE Mexicans) have a fun tradition of smearing the b-day person with whip cream... All over the face, up the nose, down the throat... Good times! As we had them do this to Leigh, and took pictures, she was happy to return the favor.

I was quick to point out that it was just a few days til Josh's b-day as well-- so he was able to join in on the fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

32 is the Year of Accomplishments New

So I made it another year. I have survived another birthday. It's funny because I have always been the "Birthday Fairy"-- making a huge deal out of everyone's birthdays... decorating, baking cakes, planning parties... and I've always made big plans for my birthday... but after 30, that feeling has faded. Perhaps because it is damn hard to top a trip to Vegas with 15 friends... perhaps because it is past the dreaded 3-0. Though I must say, I think I am way happier now that I was back in my 20's. Each year seems to get better... and I think I am braver and more comfortable being myself NOW... more so than I ever have been.

So BRING IT ON third decade!

This year was a crazy birth day weekend-- part of the fun having a b-day right @ Halloween. Friday Josh and I drove to Nashy for Justy's party... Saturday we headed back, followed by Justy for my birthday shingdig @ the Crown and Goose.

We had a blast! I even got birthday spakings from a nun! And let's not forget the Hannah Montana cake! (Thanks Josh!)

After leaving the Crown & Goose, we decided to head to Pete and Heather's for some porch time. On the way we stopped @ Gabe's apt-- he was having party also. Well... like I said, a benefit of having a b-day near Halloween is that people are still dressing up... Gabe was no exception:

No lie, we had been there 5 mins when there was a knock on the door... "COME ON IN!" I yelled... well, turns out it the Resident Assistant... lol... crazy college housing. She takes one look @ Gabe and says, "Obviously some drinking has been going on this evening...." She goes on and on... said she will be back in 30 mins to check that all alcohol is gone... blah blah.... The whole time Josh, Justy, and I are trying our hardest NOT to laugh... No doubt I am 10 yrs older than this silly RA lady... but I used my best behavior-- I certainly did not want to be "written up" for supplying underage kids with alcohol-- which I DIDN'T!

On to Pete's... Sam was excited to see us and to meet Justy...

We all enjoyed a midnight champagne toast on the porch before heading back to watch David Cook (drool!) on SNL... Nice of him to arrange to be the musical guest for my birthday! :)
Sunday-- my ACTUAL birthday-- I awoke to discover that @ 32, your ankles no longer work-- at least not first thing in the AM. So my mom always said you should spend your birthday doing what you want to be doing for that whole next year. I guess it was fitting that the Run for Ed 5K was on my b-day this year. I met up with Lacy and we ran/ walked the 5K. Last year I finished in 45 mins I think... This year we finished in 39 mins! WOOHOO! Progress! We also ran the first 1/2 mile straight-- also progress! AND... at Justy's request...I ran in a birthday crown... hahahhahaha...

To round out my busy weekend... dinner Sunday night was with Dad, Mary, & John... as well as Josh, Julio, and Chessie... oh yeah, did I mention my dad wore a top hat? Seriously.

So here we are. Blue Artichoke and Leigh make lists of new things they are going to do for that year... so technically I should have 32 things on my list. I am going to try that this year... Let's get started:

1. Tap dance DIVA (yeah, technically I started taking lessons again at age 31-- but I am going to really practice and take it seriously! I am enjoying tap, but it is HARD!!)

2. RUN! ( I started 32 with a 5K... I'd like to do some more of those, improving my time. And of course, that 1/2 marathon in March is looming... luckily I have several people ready to help me train. Lacy and I even ran/ walked yesterday-- 3.5 miles... WOO!)

3. Sky Dive? (I told Leigh if I survived the 1/2 marathon I would skydive with her... What did I just say??!!!)

SO that's what I have so far... suggestions? Ideas? Help me make some plans!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008


The Vegas costume arrived and was a hit.

Josh and I headed to Justy's Friday afternoon... we had plenty of time to shop for his "costume" and help Justy & Matt with a few last decorations. The party was a blast... somehow I ended up handing out candy... Know how I know this was not a great idea? Well first, I was telling kids HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Secondly, some dad hollered from the street asking if his wife could borrow my costume the next night... ACK! I replied, "What happens in Vegas..."

Josh and Justin became fast friends... kind of scary duo actually... Justy and I got in trouble with Matt... but seriously, bumping into that lady's house was a TOTAL accident! I just wanted to see the singing frogs! (At least I didn't yak for hours over the deck rail like Mr. Fratastic!)