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Friday, July 23, 2010

Temporarily MIA

So it's been a busy couple of weeks...

"Miss Priss" (aka Maddie) arrived a wee bit earlier than expected. I was scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday, 7/7-- I went in on Monday to have my last NST and get all my blood work taken care of. Well, my BP was WAY high and wouldn't come down. The nurse said, "I'm going to call the Dr.-- but there's a good chance you will be having this baby today!"

(Insert Hubby almost falling in the floor here)

A few minutes later she comes in and says, "The Dr. is on her way-- let's get your IV started!" Talk about not having time to totally process, let alone be worried or scared. Hubby and I were not exactly prepared-- didn't have our bags with us, his phone was on it's last ounce of power, and while I did have the camera-- it's battery was also in need of a charge. Oy!

Everything went great though. We had a fantastic anesthesiologist-- he managed to keep Matt calm by discussing the World Cup and all things soccer... And he did a great job of explaining the spinal block to me and keeping me calm!

About an hour and a half after the announcement that Miss Priss' arrival was imminent, she was here! WOW! She was still breech-- sitting indian style, with her back to belly. First thing the Dr said when she saw her was, "We have a baby moon!"

After we heard her first cry, hubby and I were greeted with the most beautiful, wide-eyed baby girl ever! She is simply perfect! She has a head full of hair-- was DARK brown when she was born, but has since lightened. She is VERY alert-- loves to look at you, make faces, and just listen. For as stubborn as she has been the last 9 mo. she is a very easy baby-- rarely cries, sleeps well, etc.

Our only issue has been weight gain. She was 6lbs. 14.5oz. when she was born-- later dropped down to 6lbs. 3oz.-- which is normal-- but then we had a booger of a time getting her to bulk back up. We went to the Dr EVERY day for weight checks. I am happy to report that as of today she has surpassed her birth weight-- she gained 9oz this week and now weighs 7lbs. 1oz.!

(*PS-- some of you may have noticed that my blog temporarily disappeared-- apparently my email account got hacked, and thus suspended... )