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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Highlights...

No.... not my hair... Some photo highlights from the summer... now that mine is drawing to a close :(

Up first-- UK trip with Nan--

Next up is Dad's 65th b-day-- in New York City

Then we have Justy & Matt's wedding... SO MUCH FUN!!


So most people want a party or such on their birthday... well, for Lacy's 25th, she wanted to hike to Mt. LeConte... 10 mile round trip-- and might I add, NOT an easy hike...

The cats have had a good summer.. lots of naps, freak outs, and Carl bringing in leaves and cicadas

So Josh and I helped TG move apts in IN... not necessarily FUN... but good to see TG... Too bad Bloomington has THE worst bowling alley EVER... oh yeah, and Josh got a ticket! ha ha!

When things get particularly stressful, Leigh and I meet up for margaritas... last time we ended up in the middle of a rehearsal dinner from Vonore... drinks were bought for us... rednecks sang kareoke... and TOO many margaritas were ingested...

All photos can be seen here

So that's it.... My summer picture wrap-up... Inservice starts next week. Kids come Aug. 1... depressing, I know.

Let's Try This Again...

Yeah so things got crazy and I have completely neglected this blog... School ended and a couple days later I left for the UK with Nan.... We had an AWESOME trip.... See pictures here

About a week after getting back from the UK, I went to New York for my dad's b-day....

Justy's wedding was the next big event... It was a beautiful and SUPER fun event...

For Lacy's birthday she wanted to hike to the top of Mt. LeConte... it was a HUMID day-- which ended in a thunderstorm... but it was an
amazing accomplishment!

Josh and I helped TG move apts in IN... Most exciting part was probably Josh getting a speeding ticket... it certainly wasn't the substandard bowling alley...

So anyway... now is time to start anew. I have not given up on my quest to teach in the UK... I will continue working on that-- different avenues perhaps... Anyhow... I am now gearing up for a new school year here. Looks to be a good group coming up... As always, we have some cool stuff planned....

Inservice starts Thursday... So this is it for summer break.... Now I am looking fwd to fall break-- VEGAS '09! Jennifer and Autumn will be having fun with their new babies... but Lacy plans to join us this year... She has a lot to learn... there may even be some hazing... but all in good fun of course.

So time to pack up the swimsuits and tanning lotion.... back to school shopping and friday night football games are around the corner....