"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy. A motto of the
British Special Air Force is: 'Those who risk, win.' "

Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow. I haven't written anything in a REALLY long time. I guess I've been busy... and not really in the mood to write. Ah well... I now have time, and nothing else really to do. That's right, I am ONCE AGAIN delayed in an airport! mcWOOF!

I am heading to LA to help Jess with the kiddos... and discuss girly wedding details-- which Jess has been planning I swear for 10 yrs @ least! :)Anyhoo... apparently there is bad weather in TX-- my flight goes through Houston-- and everything has been grounded. My uncle (a pilot) was apparently stuck for a few hrs in TX also... The plane is here (that's good), and all the connections out of TX are also delayed (also good- I should make mine)... but now I will be getting to LA around midnightish-1am... instead of 10:30pm... oy!

What am I looking fwd to? (Besides Jess, Thom, Henry, Mae, and hopefully seeing Leigh)-- In -n- Out Burger, Trader Joe's, and some CA sunshine! WOOHOO!

Thank God for laptops, wireless cards, and cell phones-- that's all I can say! I am not really in the mood to read, tho I do have 2 books with me that I am working on. And I would head down to the bar @ Ruby Tuesdays-- but there is an UBER obnoxious man on my flight... and he is already drunk... and LOUD... and RUDE... and he's BACK at the bar-- so I will just stay here where it is quiet (in his absence).

(Let me interject a THANKS to Justy and Matt for their IMs and texts to entertain me during this troubling time...)

Um, let's see... we finished TCAPs today-- YAY! 5 weeks left of school! I can't believe it! This has been such an AWESOME class...I really hate to see them go. I really lucked out this year, fo sho!June will rock-- going to see Matt around the 15th for a couple of weeks... then he will be coming back with me... he will then have the honor of meeting the Wilson Clan @ Mamaw's 90th (pray for him!)... and hopefully more of the other side of the fam as well.

School will be starting back end of July/ beginning of August... oy! 2009 is shaping up to be an incredible year... full of LOVE <3,>

OK, so what news does everyone else have? Come on! I need something to occupy my time... Tell me some stories!