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Friday, March 6, 2009

M-I-C... Cya Real Soon! K-E-Y... Why? Because Apparently I'm INSANE!

My horoscope today: Your energy gets brighter as today goes on, so it's a great day to start something.

HMMmmmm... What shall I start? Suggestions?

I got up early today to watch local meteorologist Mike Witcher talk about my students on the AM news. He came and spoke yesterday-- the kids loved it! He is very animated and fun. It was a great shout out for the school and 5th grade-- esp for our own "meteorologist" Logan.

Afterschool I dashed to Target for some last minute 1/2 marathon trip items, plus some Easter stuff for Henry & Mae... for once I will be early with my gifts-- my plan is just to give it all to Jess in FL. :)

Now I am just waiting on Josh to wake up so we can hopefully get some food before he takes me to the airport... Tomorrow should be fun... Race Expo followed by exploring Disney village or whatever it is... My students can't believe we don't plan to go to the park. Seems silly for 2 people in their 30's and their 50 yr old aunt to ride rides @ Disney World... but who knows! Perhaps we will.

I am really nervous about Sunday. I think I will be fine. My goal is only to finish in (preferably) one piece. More on this tomorrow...

OK, off to pack up the laptop and a few last items... More from FLA!

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