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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FINALLY... is Christmas BREAK!

This *short* week has been extremely LONG!

Certain people have been ALL OVER my nerves and I am BEYOND glad to have a break from them! (Yeah, I got your Christmas spirit right here!)

Today was especially insane. I was attempting to help the school secretary get the report cards printed- ready to hand out when we return in January. While on break, CO is switching our online grading system over to a new one. Thus we HAD to get these printed before we left for break. We literally worked from 8:30-11:00 this AM on this mess. I seriously hope this new system really is better... and easier... and so help me-- EVERY 3rd-5th grade teacher WILL use it, damnit!

So now the real race begins. I have GOT to do some Christmas shopping! Thank GOD for Amazon! Most of Miss Priss' gifts have come that way-- and I just ordered my dad and step-mom's... My goal is to get out and about tomorrow and Friday and get the rest done. I hate shopping. Hate.


I think I shall listen to Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris while I "do around" the house this afternoon...  Yes, that always help get me in the spirit. The Santaland Diaries it is!

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