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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: FAIL

So perhaps summer was not the correct time to attempt an every day blog writing challenge... Life. Chaos. Drama. oof.

So anyway.... I will just use the rest of the topics as prompts for entries... But probably not EVERY day...

So, where was I? Ah yes.

If I could live off only one food and beverage for the rest of my days, what would it be?
Whoa, this is a hard one.

Food-- Probably pizza. Boring, typical answer I know. But it's rare that I am not in the mood for pizza.
Beverage is trickier... I do LOVE my Diet Dr. Pepper-- though I have seriously backed off this during the summer. Been having only one soda every 4 or 5 days lately... Beer with pizza is always a good idea  :)  And nothing quenches thirst as well as water. Wow, honestly, I'm not sure what I would pick.

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