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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Donde Esta??

Yes, yes... I have been MIA for awhile... but I have good excuses!

BEST excuse is that hubby is FINALLY here! YAY! Almost 10 mo. of the immigration process about did me in-- but I survived! It has been SO nice to have him here to help. And he has been quite busy-- though never fear-- he's had plenty of time to keep up with World Cup! (Too bad England has been rubbish! -- even my MIL says so!)

with the brothers after England's draw with the US

We have also been busy finishing up the nursery-- I saved the shelves project for him! And he has done an EXCELLENT job painting and hanging the shelves-- I am SO happy to have them up and ready--

Another biggie has been getting, putting together, and installing the travel system. This has resulted in some "colorful" language and hilarious quotes-- "Do not take anymore pictures because I am really not happy!" (I was, of course, photoing the whole event)... "You need a f-ing mechanical engineering degree to put this together!"  "What the hell *is* this?!"   "Look! Little hubcaps!" "How do stupid people do this?"

Again, Daddy has done a great job!

Next up: the baby!! Miss Priss is still breech-- they are going to try to turn her on Monday, so we shall see. I am ready for her to be here-- well OUT of me anyway... It is HOT (mid to upper 90s most days), humid, and I am really uncomfortable. I was positive my feet/ ankles would split open last night. Everyone tells me how great I look-- but WOOF! I am NOT feeling it!

And I just snorted at an email I received-- something from The Bump, or What to Expect... "36 Weeks: Take advantage of that energy surge!"  Who the hell are they kidding? What energy surge? Where? It took EVERYTHING I had to drag my swollen self out of bed today-- and even then I did it more out of guilt than anything.

Miss Priss is moving-- which is good-- though it makes me nauseous sometimes... And I don't think she is moving to the head down position-- just dancing-- or re-enacting moments from the World Cup. Oof!

So that's where I've been. I hope to be more "with it"-- we'll see!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Congrats on hubby finally arriving!!!! And I'm hoping the next post is all pictures of Miss Priss.

Mary said...

The room is looking good! Love the "how do stupid people do this?" quote!
Maybe she'll turn before you go to the dr. (fingers crossed!)