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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Therapy Time! Make sure to LINK UP at The Daily Dribbles if you play....

  • To a so-called "good friend"-- REALLY?! Do you honestly think that I am SO stupid that I don't know you are lying to me left and right? See the problem with lying is, once you tell one, you have to tell another, and then another to cover your tracks. And Einstein-- when you tell me one thing, then all our mutual friends the complete opposite-- do you REALLY think I won't hear about it? Do you want to be found out or are you just that bad at lying? I have gone OUT OF MY WAY for you over the last several years-- and for what? To be treated this way? I realize you are in some sort of identity-crisis-can't-find-myself phase of life-- but here's some advice from someone older and MUCH wiser-- DO NOT piss off every friend you have-- every person who has ever been there for you when no one else was... Beacause soon (VERY SOON) you will need those people and guess what? They won't be there this time because you have treated them like SHIT! Do NOT come crying to me next time-- because honestly, I am done! I do NOT care! This is the choice YOU made-- you have to learn for yourself. But in order to do that, I suggest you get your head out of your egotistical ass (not EVERYTHING is about you, by the way-- other people have stress and drama to deal with in theor own lives-- you would know this if you ever took 5 minutes to ask someone how THEY are instead of instantly dumping all YOUR problems on them...) and take a look around-- it's starting to look like a lonely place for you.
Whoa... that felt good!

  • To myself-- Why in the heck did you let the closet get so out of control? You seriously have to do better about this!
  • To the HEAT-- really? Is this necessary? mid-eighties to 90s... You're killing me! I absolutely DREAD the thought of waddling across the parking lot at the Dr today... HUMPH!
  • To the kitchen counter-- why must you always be cluttered? Why? Same goes for you Mr. Dresser! and Dust-- WTF?! GO AWAY!


Dazee Dreamer said...

so call friends like that are just not worth having.

can't wait to see pictures of the new little one. :)

Kmama said...

Sorry about your friend or, ex friend now, as it sounds.

I'm wondering why the hell the clutter and dust just won't go away too. I've prayed about it, willed it away, and ignored it, and yet it's still there. Hmph.

Thanks for linking up!

ASTRA REED said...

As you have written in your blog that your so call friends..what that means to you are they all atre not with you presently...