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Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hubby and I had a great trip to Vegas with Justy & Matt-- but boy was I glad to get home! (Of course, I ESPECIALLY missed Miss Maddie!)

That said, man did I need a vacation! I didn't even realize just how much! Although this has been a short week for me-- since I came back Tuesday, I only worked Weds-Fri, I feel like I have actually TAUGHT for the first time in I don't know when!

We are now 2 weeks away from the "all important" standardized tests... Since I took 6 weeks off at the beginning of the year, I feel like I am 6 weeks behind. We are zipping through decades in Social Studies, racing through various concepts in Science, and frantically reviewing in math & language arts. And while I have been EXHAUSTED (from my vacation ironically), I feel like we have really worked hard and been successful this week.


Enjoyed a nice HH outing this evening. Maddie was fantastic-- but really tired at the end. She crashed on the way home

Fingers crossed for a productive weekend!

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