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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, But Feels Like Monday...

My little Easter Bunny
 I do love an EXTRA long weekend, but MAN was it hard to go back today! I just couldn't get it together! First I couldn't get up... then at school it was like I had ZERO plans, even though I did.

Luckily the weekend was much more productive than today! We got some flowers planted and mulch down out front--

Friday night Maddie stayed with Aunt Lacy, so the hubby and I had a late-night-date-night... we went to a local bar when hubby got off work, then an extra late dinner at Waffle House. It was SO good! I haven't been there in ages! Man do I love a double order of hasbrowns covered!

Saturday I did some baking for dinner that night. Then I got Maddie and we headed to her first Easter egg hunt at Aunt Lacy's church. Needless to say she had no idea what was going on, and looked at us all as though we were crazy... but she did rack up some candy!

Oh! I almost forgot! I made my first cake sale this weekend! I made a friend at school a birthday cake-- and I must say, I was impressed with myself. She wanted a Raggedy Ann cake (She had one when she was 6...) and I have a pan my mom had from 1971... This is what I am planning for Maddie's (UPCOMING) 1st b-day, so I was glad to have a "practice run"

Sunday hubby went with Dad and my bros to the Nashville Predators hockey game... he had a BLAST! I'm so glad he had the night off and the opportunity to get out and have some fun...

So this is yet another short week... funny how those always seem longer some how... Oh well, 17.5 days left of school!  WOO YEAH!

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