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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yakkety Yak-- DON'T COME BACK!!

Just when you think it is safe to get a full night's sleep...


Poor Miss Priss. I have concluded that she is having reactions to her antibiotic. She has taken this numerous times-- but I think this may be it. She has had no appetite, and has randomly thrown up after taking it. Last night she got me first as I rocked her. I, and her beloved Piggy Woo took the brunt of the hit. After getting changed, her cleaned & changed, and Pig in the washing machine-- I put her to bed with me. Bad move, Mom.

Next thing I know-- well, you can imagine. (sigh)

So now I have to relocate Hubby downstairs to sleep in the guest room. Again clean and change myself and Miss Priss. This time strip the bed-- including the cover of the duvet-- reload the washing machine after moving round 1 to the dryer.

At this point, my favorite 2 yr old is wide awake. "I neeeeeed to watch Peppa Pig, Mummy!" So that is what we did... at 2:30am. Well, she watched-- I worked on de-yakking the bedroom. I also went down and cleaned her bed and got it ready for her imminent return. Post-Peppa I got Miss Priss back in bed-- with a slightly damp Piggy Woo (Now Mu and Baby Ellie were in the washing machine for their bath). I managed to calm myself back down, and around 4am fell asleep on the couch.

Hubby woke me when he got up for work a little after 5am-- only to inform me that he has a "dodgy stomach." Great. If he instigates Round 3 tonight, he's on his own! I'm YAKKED OUT!

(Shout out to my teaching pal TG-- she went through a similar 1-3am Yak-a-thon with her daughter-- but also managed to break her toe during the whole shebang. Damn overachiever!) 


Tarah Green said...

Beat that!!! No wait! Don't! I think your passing out in the bathroom and the blood everywhere gets you lifetime accolades.

S. Dub said...

Thank God-- because that whole header-into-the-wall/toilet-while-pulling-a-glass-jar-over-on-my-head thing was EXHAUSTING! Throw in the kidney stone, and seriously! NO MORE!

Broken toes do suck though... more than people would think.

Life in a Small Town said...

Good thing we're on break this week! I'm sooo impressed...not only did you blog 2 days in a row, but you also changed your background!
Hope Miss Priss is better, and hubby doesn't catch it.

S. Dub said...

I got mad skillz... during break anyway! ;)

Hubs thinks he had some bad chicken for lunch yesterday possibly... we'll see how he is tomorrow I guess...

I spoke with MP's Dr re: her meds... so hopefully her stomach will get better... sheesh!

I need a vacation from my break!