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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Random Thought for the Day...

What if celebrities had to get REAL jobs?

*Jessica Simpson as a school teacher
*Kirstie Alley as a UPS delivery person
*Kim Kardashian as a day care worker
*Tom Cruise as a car salesman
*Madonna as a server at Applebees
*Kanye as a Waffle House cook
*Lindsay Lohan as a secretary
*Spencer Pratt as a gas station attendant/ clerk
*Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, any of the Jonas Bros, etc working at McDonald's or Taco Bell
*Kristen Stewart delivering pizza
*Jennifer Love Hewitt as a cashier at Food Lion
*Heidi Montag stocking shelves at Walmart

And yes, I realize that most all celebrities (minus those BORN into it-- I'm talking to YOU Hilton & Kardashian girls!) have had REAL jobs at some time in their life. And many have worked their way up to where they are now-- and kudos to them. But sometimes I get so sick and tired of hearing them bitch about their HARD lives and all they go through. Try teaching 5th grade, 6 months preganant while dealing with your husband going through immigration-- meanwhile living 4000 miles away... paying all your OWN bills with the piddly salary you make... keeping your house clean/ clutter free, doing your own dishes, laundry, etc... I guarantee you some of them woudn't stand a chance!

Maybe I shouldn't read Perez anymore today...

What REAL jobs would you like to see celebrities attempt??

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