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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

In keeping with my theme that Spring is for renewal... I have changed up the blog backround and layout... Thought we could use a splash of color!

And in keeping with my entry title... I hope to get some cleaning done around the house today-- just as soon as I recover from the HUGE, carb-loaded IHOP breakfast I had this AM.   :)

I've had a great weekend-- which I needed desperately! Looking forward to a SHORT week at school, and another FUN weekend coming up!


Mary said...

Love the new background!

Miss Teacher said...

Me too! :)

Miss Teacher said...

Spring cleaning in full force! Been cleaning my CRAZILY cluttered room... now have 3 bags ready for Goodwill... I have vacummed-- even UNDER the bed and dresser... EVEN vacuumed my closet! I've cleaned the TV screen... still need to wash my sheets and dust-- but first a glass of lemonade and a BREAK!