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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Bucket List

I never saw the movie... nor have I actually taken time to WRITE my list out... but I did finally do something I have WANTED to do for awhile now-- I enrolled in a cake decorating class.

Hubby's mom sent me $$ for my b-day-- and this is how I chose to spend it. A good friend of mine is going with me-- which makes it that much more fun. Tonight was our first class and I LOVED IT! We didn't do much-- but just seeing what all we will be learning is SO exciting!

I love to bake-- I find it relaxing-- especially when I can do it uninterrupted. (Not that that happens much now-- not so much baby's fault as much as hubby asking me questions or trying to get me to do something else right that minute).

My mom taught be some cake decorating basics... and I have always loved it. Mom made my cakes growing up-- And I want to be able to share that special skill with Maddie as she grows.

I would LOVE to be able to just bake all the time... I know NOTHING about running a bakery-- and it today's shaky economy I know a business venture like that would be risky at best... but perhaps that will be another item on my Bucket List.

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