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Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3


A sick toddler does not leave much time for blogging. Going to try to get caught up a bit...

Day 3: My day in great detail

Well, since it is only 10:20am, there's not much to report. That said, I was up with Miss Priss who has been coughing her head off all night. She seriously sounds like she has consumption. I took her to the clinic on Saturday AM b/c she has had major congestion-- snotty nose, snotty eyes, the cough... They said she has an ear infection and gave her the good ol' Amoxicillin... Now I am debating whether or not I should call the pediatrician for an appt today, or wait another day to see if she gets better. We leave for the beach on Saturday and I would REALLY like for her to be back to 100%. It's worse at night-- she coughs during the day, but NOTHING like she does at night... ugh...

So during the night I went from Miss Priss being in her bed, to bed with us, to the couch with her-- sometimes when we sit upright she coughs less. Sometimes. Not so much this time. So she and I have been officially up since about 8am... thought I am pretty sure I've been up since 4am, when someone coughed so hard they threw up the juice they had just drank... all over me.

And Hubby is working a morning shift today, so I had to do breakfast for him and make tea for him to take with. Manged to get Miss Priss to eat some toast. She's been whiny, but sleep deprivation makes me cranky too.

So currently we are watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... and I am trying to find some energy or motivation to do something productive. I guess blog catch up is a start...  :)

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