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Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

3 things you want to say to 3 different people

First, THANKS to Lacy. Whew! Without you I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER make it day to day. You keep me somewhat sane at school- either as someone to listen to me rant and rave, or as an enabler giving me chocolate and caffeine. You are BEYOND amazing with Maddie-- one of the few I trust COMPLETELY with her. You are caring, unselfish, and kind to everyone you meet. I wish there were more people like you in the world, because truly, it would be a better place. I am beyond honored that I am fortunate enough to call you friend. Now seriously, we should re-think ever taking that CORE class again!

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today would have been my mom's 69th birthday. She always told me that I should spend my birthday doing whatever I wanted to be doing for the next year. I try to practice this on her birthday as well as mine. I have spent time with a good friend, I've run through the sprinklers with Maddie, and I plan to start packing for our trip as well as making a visit to my Gma. I think Mom would approve.

Third, I MISS YOU to Justy! It constantly amazes me that we have known each other really only a short amount of time, but I feel it has been forever! (In a good way, of course). I SO wish we lived closer and could get these crazy kids together more often... and then enjoy a tasty beverage while they napped.  ;)  You crack me up, inspire me, and help me more than you will ever know! Just a silly text or "special" picture from you can turn my whole mood around. There is no one I would rather lose my teaching license with than you! GIG! FISH! MP!

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