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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm going to do something I rarely, RARELY do-- toot my own horn for a moment.

As an educator, we are constantly being told how bad the school systems are in this country-- this state-- this county. It's like nothing we do is ever good enough. This, ironically, is opposite of how we are taught to teach children. "Focus on positives! Find each student's strengths and expound on those!"

So often I feel that even though my scores are good year after year, and students seem to genuinely enjoy my classes, I am not an effective teacher. Or that no one really notices all the things I am trying to do to improve the system for students and our school.

Friday however I had a feel-good day. For the 2nd year in a row I am one of the teachers nominated (by my peers) for teacher of the year. I always laugh at celebrities that say, "It's an honor just to be nominated." But truly, it is! It's nice to feel like someone, somewhere has taken note of all the butt-busting I feel I do.

My second compliment came from the Director of Schools himself. He was at school Friday for a visit, and before leaving my classroom said to the principal (who is retiring after this year) that he thinks I would be a perfect person to be on the committee to help interview applicants for the position. I find this completely flattering! Not to mention I am eager to see who wants to come to our wonderful little school, what plans they have for it, and I want to make sure that we get the best fit possible.

In other news, I had another wonderful GIRLS DAY with Miss Priss yesterday. We took advantage of the 75 degree weather (yes, it's STILL January!) and went to the zoo. I LOVE having season passes and being able to go whenever we want, and only stay an hour if we so please.

"A BIG Carl cat!"

If I'm ever reincarnated I want to come back as one of these guys

LOVE this face!

She LOVES these bird carvings. We ALWAYS have to come see them.

Zebra time!

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