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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1 (of 2013) is DONE!

Pre-Party Bevy
Back to school tomorrow-- but that's ok. I have had another great weekend to help ease me back into reality.

My good buddy JustyMac came to town, which always leads to loads of laughs, champagne, and this time, a  trip to the woods. Specifically, we went to Miche's 12th Night Party. As this takes place in a cabin on top of a mountain, we decided to spend the night. It was a LOT of fun-- tons of good food, interesting people, and bubbly.

Curling Wand + INSANE amount of hair= LARGE MARGE

Too many peanut butter balls!
Popping more CHAM-PAAAAAGNA!

"Do you two need help?" Ah-- how many times have we been asked this?

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