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Friday, November 7, 2014

Funny Ha-Ha

Today's gratitude is for people that make me laugh. I honestly think without these comedians I would not make it through life.

Some of my favorite funny people:

Russell Howard: If you aren't familiar with this hilarious Brit, you are missing out. Hubby introduced me to his BBC show Russell Howard's Good News a couple of years ago. We watch it on Youtube and stream it from the UK. Last May Russell was in the US for 5 stand up gigs. We got tickets and saw him in Chicago. We also ran into him/ sort-of stalked him at the Art Institute. We chatted a few mins and I had my picture made with him-- SUPER AWESOME! (Did I mention he's a cutie?!)

Here's an episode of Good News
Seriously. Watch. You won't regret it.

Jenny Dawson (aka The Bloggess): A couple weeks ago I downloaded her book Let's Pretend this Never Happened and I was not disappointed. My review of this book on Goodreads:  totally needed this audio book this week to distract me. And also, I felt like I was just listening to the voice in my head. Like if I'd write that Sh*t down- it could be a sequel. All in all I found it quite comforting.

I also enjoy her blog: The Bloggess

David Sedaris: I am pretty sure that "Sedaris" translates to GENIUS! I adore this man. Everything he writes cracks me up, or makes me feel smarter and better than I did before I read it. Everytime he's in town for a reading, I'm there. I was so nervous when I stayed to get a book signed once that I managed to blurt out statements such as, "My cat's on Prozac!" and "This is my mailman!" (instead of "One of my best friends since HS"). I love to read his books and I LOVE to listen to the audio versions. Some of my MOST fav Sedaris stories include Six to Eight Black Men, The Santaland Diaries, Jesus ShavesMe Talk Pretty One Day, and The Happy Place.

Recently David was asked to read 50 Shades of Grey on a tour. This was seriously hilarious and almost made me like that God-awful book...  Check it out!

So there you go... That is just a few of many that help get me through this adventure called life. My advice: Laugh. Find something funny in every situation. Sometimes it is the only way to cope.


Mary said...

I just downloaded "Let's Pretend it Didn't Happen", and am laughing my *ss off! When I heard her describe her dad about a "large Bohemian", I totally got it!!!

S. Dub said...

I'm listening to it again - realized I totally missed stuff the first time. Hilarious!