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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get in Shape Girl

SO. Today I had an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym. While dreading this in MANY ways, I was also hoping that it would provide motivation to get myself back in shape.

After talking with the trainer, and learning the unGodly amount of weight I need to lose, we headed to the training room. And seriously, 10 minutes in I hear a POP! and have instant, AMAZING pain in my right calf.

The trainer tried to help me stretch it out-- which hurt worse. After helping me back to the office he went next door to a physiotherapy office to ask for advice. They weren't sure without seeing me, so he came back and helped me walk (here walk is a strong word... perhaps hobble would be more descriptive) next door. They physio felt my leg and had me flex my foot (which hurts the MOST, btw). He thinks it is probably a stage 2 tear in the calf muscle.


Only me. Honestly, I think I will just stay chunky. It's much less painful.

Not really sure how I will get around at school tomorrow. I had Hubby bring up the crutches... thinking that may be my only option.

(insert a string of expletives here)

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