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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Costume Conundrum

OK... So I have been completely uninspired in the Halloween costume department.... This is strange as I LOVE Halloween! It is my fav holiday... I love dressing up... being someone else... or playing a character...

That being said.. Lacy and I found me a good costume while in Nashville a couple weekends ago... VEGAS! Yeah, it's kinda "risque"-- but how fun! And how WILSON!

So then today I get an email from Pete... he and Heather have found me the PERFECT costume... Let me explain... I LOVE Mr. T.... I am a child of the 80s... I loved the A-Team... and Mr. T is my FAV... I used to say that I wanted him on one side and my dad on the other side walking me down the aisle... of course I also wanted Nell Carter to sing... alas...

Well one year on Halloween we went to the Old City... and I was perhaps a bit tipsy... so we go to this one bar and I say to Pete, "Look @ the guy dressed as Mr. T! He's awesome!" I proceed to yell, "Mr. T!!" Pete replies, "Um, I don't think he is in costume... I think he is a bouncer..." and indeed he was... So that is the night I almost got Pete killed by some guy that could be Mr. T's brother...

So option 2:

I realize I would look RIDICULOUS! (wouldn't be the first time...and certainly won't be the last...)

So which should I go for? Cute/ flirty? or Hilarious?


1 comment:

daisy-head said...

Ok, the first one is cute and flirty. But Mr T...that would be HYSTERICAL!!!! I pity the fool who doesn't vote for that one! :P