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Thursday, October 2, 2008

LOL Class

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So school this week has been crazy... I am tired and UNmotivated... we are **ALL** ready for break... Here are some highlights:

The kids were asking me about cheerleading practice today (YES, I am temporarily in charge of the cheerleaders...) I told them we have practice tomorrow and that I would be teaching them a dance. Last year our cheerleaders did the macarena (sort of...) It was EMBARRASSING!

So this year we will be learning a hip hop dance (thanks to my recent undertaking of hip-hop classes)...

One kid said, "Oh-- so we aren't doing the margarita this year?"


Wilson: "Um, no. **WE** will not be doing the "margarita" this year."

kid #2: Isn't margarita an adult beverage?

Wilson: Yes, hence why **WE** will not be doing it.


Today we were discussing statues and memorials that honor people and historical events... someone mentioned a statue of Dolly Parton @ Dollywood...

one girl said, "I don't know how they made a statue of Dolly and her BIG hair!"

Needless to say, hair was NOT what I thought she was going to say.

And I quickly moved the conversation along before anyone else could comment on Dolly's other larger than life qualities....


somebirdsarelikethat said...

Hilarious! I teach at a private school and, thanks to my own public school education, am often a bit ahead of my students a la DOlly Parton's other assets!

S. Dub said...

I teach about 30 mins from Sevier Co (Dolly;s home town...) Thus we are all, uh, BIG Dolly fans around here... LOL... I was so sure that conversation was going to go differently yesterday... (insert sigh of relief here)

daisy-head said...

Two things. First, that attention span photo cracks me up. Second, I had to do a triple-take because that dog looks JUST LIKE my Mazzy did!!