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Monday, October 27, 2008

Great Googly Moogly!

Tonight was the 5th grade play at school... after much time spent worrying, I am happy to report that the kids did an OUTSTANDING job! I am beyond proud!

Let me just say, it has been completely NUTS lately at school. Last week, on Monday, we were reminded that we have a field trip tomorrow... we needed to find somewhere to eat, get all the requisitions in, send out permission slips, and collect $$ from the kids.

Well, that would really be no big deal except that 4th and 5th grade teacers were gone on Weds & Thurs to a training meeting. So that gave us Tuesday to take care of all that. Well, on Tuesday the kids have music. The music teacher was the one in charge of the play. The same play that (a) we have known about since before we went to Tremont in September, (b) the play that, as of Tuesday, had not been written or rehearsed... So, she agreed to take the whole 5th grade at once to work with them on the play... as she "rehearsed"-- I frantically typed up the speaking parts and took them to her a few pages at a time. So, first rehearsal was last Tuesday... they also had a rehearsal Thursday AM and this afternoon... SO, after only 3 rehearsals...
In addition to typing the play, I was also making plans for my sub... I swear, I had to redo those things 3 times! I had them going to the wrong special, at the wrong time, etc... oy!

So it all came together today! I finished the slide show that we used before the play last night... finished the posters of pictures during school today... got all the props together afterschool... got Preston's "Josh" costume pulled together (complete with Crayola goatee!)

It was so great! The parents seemed to really enjoy the performance-- and I think they learned a lot about what their kids did the three days we were there. They also learned that the 5th grade teachers (myself included) have some serious rap skillz! (Note* I didn't say they were GOOD skillz)...

Mr. Young came up afterwards and told me it was the best play he has seen @ school to date! WOW! I think, because it was interactive, and everyone was involved-- it was more fun. Which is funny-- beacuse that is what a lot of our training has been about the last few years. ENGAGE THE STUDENTS IN THEIR OWN LEARNING! Guess it works with parents, families, and friends too!

In the midst of all the recent chaos, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes I ask myself-- WHY do I do this? Nights like tonight remind me quickly: FOR THE KIDS! They had so much fun @ Tremont-- and seemed to really enjoy their play tonight. Of course they were thrilled to see several members of the Tremont staff who were awesome and attended the performace... Even Josh who knew something was up when he heard auditions were held to play him... HAHAHAHA....

Am I glad today is over? YES! Am I relieved? YOU KNOW IT! Am I proud as a peacock of the 5th grade class this year? GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, YES!!!

Did I mentioned we have a field trip tomorrow?

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daisy-head said...

Wooohoo. Congrats! It's always great when things come together.