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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Run, Wilson! RUN!!

Last weekend while I was @ Autumn & Justin's house meeting Mr. Micheal, we watched part of Forrest Gump. Man, I love that movie! I hadn't seen it in ages... of course, one of the most notable (of the many) quotes from the movie is "Run, Forrest! RUN!"

Who knew that I would soon be turning those words in on myself. Oy! I have never been a great runner. I ran track in middle school-- but nothing serious. Of course, various knee and ankle injuries in the last several years have thrown me out of commission a few times.

So back in July we were at my aunt's in VA... she had seen an ad for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. My cousin, Jessica, was all for it. I would **LOVE** to be able to tell people that I have accomplished such a feat... I just don't know how REALISTIC it is for me to think I can do this. Well. I am doing it. Offically registered as of today.

"This is FANTASTIC!"

Here is what truly motivates me to do this: The race takes place on March 8th. That will be the 8 yr anniversary of my mother's passing. I always like to do something special and motivating on that day. So... this will certainly qualify for both! And yes, it will certainly get my ass in shape... which has been a goal for how long now?

This will be a great weekend, no doubt... aside from the 13.1 miles of tortuous running... It will be a girl's weekend-- hence PRINCESS... Me, Aunt V, Jessica... and possibly Aunt Liz and Mae to cheer us on...

So here is what I am asking in return-- PLEASE encourgae and motivate me for the next 5 months! Cause boy howdy! Will I need it! Feel free to tell me I am crazy and insane as well... but do it with a smile, please... Perhaps it will ease the pain....

PS-- CONGRATS to Leigh who ran her first marathon today in San Francisco!! (She was probably even wearing lipstick!)


daisy-head said...

That's fantastic! Good for you. And a wonderful tribute to your mother as well.


somebirdsarelikethat said...

Congratulations on registering. I wish you well with your training this winter! Kudos to you for doing something awesome.