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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toast Me, For Real...

Justy found the toast that I wrote for her wedding reception... It is full of inside jokes, but it makes me laugh... and thus, I shall share:

Justy, in honor of your wedding day
We have some new rules we'd like to say.

Rule #1 is still no screaming.
Fighting before bed interferes with dreaming.

Rule #2 is an important one:
continue to smile, snort, and always have fun.

Rule #3- Say I love you everyday.
Because of this, everything will be A-OK!

Rule #4 isn't hard:
Keep rockin to music-- David Cook, Bon Jovi, & the occassional piano bar

A vocabulary lesson is rule #5:
Zoinks, Humphs, Indeed, & Gadzooks will halp you to jive.

Rule #6 I will not touch.
It's simply perfect and we use it so much.

Rule #7 is where it's at:
Always show patience to children, Pacman, and Matt.

Rule #8 we debated to share
So let's just say, be careful when sitting in a chair.

McGirl time in Vegas is rule #9.
So sorry, Matt, to leave you behin (d)

So let's raise a glass to rule #10:
Enjoy your lives together & All of your friends!


daisy-head said...

Ha! Cute. Have a blast in VEGAS!!!

S. Dub said...

Thanks, yo!! Heading to the airport in 10 mins... WOO!