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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knock on Wood...

People keep asking, "How's school going?" And funnily enough seem disappointed when I reply, "Great!"

I guess because I usually have hilarious stories of the antics of my beloved 5th graders. From goofy to delinquent, I usually have them all. This year's class, I am happy to report (though it may sadden some of you) is GREAT!

For the most part, they do their work, participate in class, and (GASP!) follow procedures. Now, this is not to say they are BORING! Far from it! They are hilarious... and SMART... and lots of (GASP, again) FUN!

And this year it seems as if everything is clicking... I am able to plan ahead and pretty much stick to it. I have a TA that checks in on me every now and then-- something I am not used to, but really like! She can make copies, laminate, and lead reading groups. It's GREAT!

Plus I have some teachers' kids that are adept at the copy machine also... and they LOVE to help me in the afternoon to get ready for the next day... "What's the journal entry for tomorrow? Can I put out the morning work for you? Shall I change the agenda board?"

I could leave @ 2:30 and all would be fine for the next day.

And connections! HOLY COW! I have been connecting subject areas left and right! Maybe after 5 yrs of teaching this curriculum has finally helped me get it all together. Maybe the planets are all aligned. Maybe I'm crazy.... But I gotta tell you all-- I feel like a REAL teacher most days!

Again, part of this goes back to the fact that I have a GREAT class. (sigh) It's so great. I am rejuvenated! I **WANT** to go to school!


Hopefully everything won't turn topsy-turvy now that I have answered the question...

Any more questions? Please raise your hand....

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kdodiver said...

You know speaking so highly of your class, it has got to come back and bite you in the butt at some point!! Just keep a band aid and a rat trap nearby!! lol!!