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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Late to the Party...

Yes, I am aware that I am once again, late to the party... Yes the Twilight series was popular years ago-- I fought off reading it for as long as I could. With the end of Harry Potter, I needed some new characters. So, as mentioned in previous posts, I got the books on cd and have been listening. I am a few chapters in to the 3rd book... And I am IRRITATED with some of the characters! This book is WAY harder to put up with than the others... (& for the record, I NEVER felt this way with HP!)

So yes, the Cullens-- I LOVE THEM!

Edward-- MMMMMmmmmm.... Alice cracks me up... Rosalie has grown on me now that I understand her... and Emmitt and Jasper-- well... I view them as protective brothers.... Did I mention Edward=YUMMY? And how fun that "Cedric Diggory" from the HP movies is playing him!! Good casting!

Now... as for Bella Swan--

Also good casting I think.... but the character is starting to piss me off! Sometimes it is like she is so DITZY-- not "getting" or understanding things that are SO obvious.... And yes, I realize she is 18 and somewhat naive... but GEEZ!

And Jacob Black...

He started off SO sweet... I knew it would never last. And I understand it is his "instinct" to act the way he does... but oy vey! He is on my LAST nerve! Actually, I am pretty sure the instant the werewolf thing was introduced, I rolled my eyes.

So the Twilight series... yes, I like it. Yes, I am hooked. But I am also highly annoyed. And I know that MANY were pissed with the last book... which makes me wonder--- DON'T TELL ME!!! But I predict I am going to come away from this series dissatisfied.... unlike my beloved Harry Potter... So-- I will once again be looking for some new characters in my life... feel free to suggest some new party people... Maybe I can get to that party on time.

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