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Sunday, September 28, 2008


So last week we took the 5th grade to The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont... which is always an awesome experience. And as we have a great group this year, it was even more enjoyable. It is always fun to watch these kids, who basically grow up in Tremont's backyard, be so AMAZED by what they see and learn.

The staff @ Tremont is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, what they are able to teach these kids in 3 short days is awesome. And believe me when I say, THE KIDS REMEMBER! Anything a staff member there says is committed to instant memory... And Myers and I are happy to report that there are several new staff members that WES is ready to adopt :)

I took 360 pictures this year-- which will make for an awesome slide show... I am excited to put that together-- especially as the 5th grade play/ musical this year is going to be about Tremont.

So... here are a few of my favorite photos from this year...

Sporting our tie-dye tshirts: 5th grade 2008

The Illusion

The Fire-Eater

One of my favorite places to be!


daisy-head said...

Well here you are! Thanks for letting me know. I've updated my blogroll accordingly. ;)

This looks like a fantastic place to visit. Loving your pics!!

Miss Teacher said...

Thanks, yo! I liked the layout here better... a cleaner look, I think...

And you know me-- I love my pictures! :)