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Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend at Justy's...

I had a GREAT time @ Justy's this past weekend... Friday night we (with her hubby Matt) went to Dave and Buster's... The groomsman, my buddy Jeremy, and Doug from The Shoals met us there... Justy and I tried a new champagne-- Mum's... which, paired with the bubbly we had before we went, and the appletini I had @ the bar... knocked us on our backsides...

Saturday Justy and I ran some errands... She even won a hat @ Kroger during Titans Trivia ("Your Kroger is a lot more interactive than mine!")

We spent the afternoon in the kicthen making pizza dip, spinach dip, and an Oreo cheesecake. I volunteered to taste the Oreos just to make sure they were ok... They were TERRIBLE (wink, wink)... NOT good @ all!! :)

Then it was time for the jewelry party! We got to try on and model various items... You know me-- always cool with playing dress up!


Justy models and awesome necklace...

Mama Lewis is perplexed by my artwork

That night we popped open more bubbly and mingled with party guests and neighbors...


Sunday, sadly, I had to return to E. TN.... But October is promising... 4 weeks til' Fall Break (VEGAS, McBritain, THE DRAGON!)... then we have a Rascal Flatts concert... and Halloween... the NOVEMBER and MY BIRTHDAY! Woo!!!

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