"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy. A motto of the
British Special Air Force is: 'Those who risk, win.' "

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished?

The funniest thing I read today: Man Trapped in KMA: "Mission Failed"

Blue Artichoke and I used to work (volunteer) @ the KMA... ("Tattoo Detective")... It cracks me up that someone would break in-- through the air duct-- to diffuse a bomb.

So the kids are acting a bit wacky today... I'm not sure if it is close to a full moon-- that always does it... or if they are just getting wound up for Tremont (next week)... I am glad there are only 2 days left... and only 2 weeks left before fall break... WOO! VEGA$!!

So here is a question for everyone-- can you think of a job where you can be verbally and even physically abused/ assaulted and not be able to do ANYTHING about it? Seriously-- I want feedback on this.

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