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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008


The Vegas costume arrived and was a hit.

Josh and I headed to Justy's Friday afternoon... we had plenty of time to shop for his "costume" and help Justy & Matt with a few last decorations. The party was a blast... somehow I ended up handing out candy... Know how I know this was not a great idea? Well first, I was telling kids HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Secondly, some dad hollered from the street asking if his wife could borrow my costume the next night... ACK! I replied, "What happens in Vegas..."

Josh and Justin became fast friends... kind of scary duo actually... Justy and I got in trouble with Matt... but seriously, bumping into that lady's house was a TOTAL accident! I just wanted to see the singing frogs! (At least I didn't yak for hours over the deck rail like Mr. Fratastic!)


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