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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

32 is the Year of Accomplishments New

So I made it another year. I have survived another birthday. It's funny because I have always been the "Birthday Fairy"-- making a huge deal out of everyone's birthdays... decorating, baking cakes, planning parties... and I've always made big plans for my birthday... but after 30, that feeling has faded. Perhaps because it is damn hard to top a trip to Vegas with 15 friends... perhaps because it is past the dreaded 3-0. Though I must say, I think I am way happier now that I was back in my 20's. Each year seems to get better... and I think I am braver and more comfortable being myself NOW... more so than I ever have been.

So BRING IT ON third decade!

This year was a crazy birth day weekend-- part of the fun having a b-day right @ Halloween. Friday Josh and I drove to Nashy for Justy's party... Saturday we headed back, followed by Justy for my birthday shingdig @ the Crown and Goose.

We had a blast! I even got birthday spakings from a nun! And let's not forget the Hannah Montana cake! (Thanks Josh!)

After leaving the Crown & Goose, we decided to head to Pete and Heather's for some porch time. On the way we stopped @ Gabe's apt-- he was having party also. Well... like I said, a benefit of having a b-day near Halloween is that people are still dressing up... Gabe was no exception:

No lie, we had been there 5 mins when there was a knock on the door... "COME ON IN!" I yelled... well, turns out it the Resident Assistant... lol... crazy college housing. She takes one look @ Gabe and says, "Obviously some drinking has been going on this evening...." She goes on and on... said she will be back in 30 mins to check that all alcohol is gone... blah blah.... The whole time Josh, Justy, and I are trying our hardest NOT to laugh... No doubt I am 10 yrs older than this silly RA lady... but I used my best behavior-- I certainly did not want to be "written up" for supplying underage kids with alcohol-- which I DIDN'T!

On to Pete's... Sam was excited to see us and to meet Justy...

We all enjoyed a midnight champagne toast on the porch before heading back to watch David Cook (drool!) on SNL... Nice of him to arrange to be the musical guest for my birthday! :)
Sunday-- my ACTUAL birthday-- I awoke to discover that @ 32, your ankles no longer work-- at least not first thing in the AM. So my mom always said you should spend your birthday doing what you want to be doing for that whole next year. I guess it was fitting that the Run for Ed 5K was on my b-day this year. I met up with Lacy and we ran/ walked the 5K. Last year I finished in 45 mins I think... This year we finished in 39 mins! WOOHOO! Progress! We also ran the first 1/2 mile straight-- also progress! AND... at Justy's request...I ran in a birthday crown... hahahhahaha...

To round out my busy weekend... dinner Sunday night was with Dad, Mary, & John... as well as Josh, Julio, and Chessie... oh yeah, did I mention my dad wore a top hat? Seriously.

So here we are. Blue Artichoke and Leigh make lists of new things they are going to do for that year... so technically I should have 32 things on my list. I am going to try that this year... Let's get started:

1. Tap dance DIVA (yeah, technically I started taking lessons again at age 31-- but I am going to really practice and take it seriously! I am enjoying tap, but it is HARD!!)

2. RUN! ( I started 32 with a 5K... I'd like to do some more of those, improving my time. And of course, that 1/2 marathon in March is looming... luckily I have several people ready to help me train. Lacy and I even ran/ walked yesterday-- 3.5 miles... WOO!)

3. Sky Dive? (I told Leigh if I survived the 1/2 marathon I would skydive with her... What did I just say??!!!)

SO that's what I have so far... suggestions? Ideas? Help me make some plans!


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