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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Thoughts

Here we are again. Thanksgiving: a time for reflection and gratitude for all we have in this world.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you got where you are? And how did the people important to you become so? Obviously family members you are pretty much stuck with. But what about your friends? Why them?

School is where most of us begin our friendships. People our age we are thrown in a room with for 12+ years of our lives. You know the TRUE friends from those years because you keep up with them after everyone has gone their separate ways. Timing... fate... it all comes into play. (Yes, I know some of you don't buy into the FATE thing, but I do... so BACK OFF!) :)

Some people come into your lives in strange ways. Chance encounters... random meetings... weird coincidences. Many times the people we happen upon during these times continue on w/o much notice. But occassionally, one sticks with you. I like to believe there are reasons for that. 5 minutes later and it might not have been... or it could have been someone else.

Throughout my life I have made friends with some awesome people. Several of my closest friends are still those from my school years. Recently I have become close friends with people I met through mutual acquaintances--- which is always fun when you discover you like the NEW friends better than the one that introduced you... hahahahaha. But as I think about it, I have some good friends that are completely random meets.

Once in college I met a guy on a plane. I was pass-flying and thus was bumped off 2 other flights in Dallas. I FINALLY got on a flight-- LAST available seat-- in the VERY back of the plane. There was a guy sitting in the aisle seat-- I was in the window seat. My first memory was this guy trying to stand up with his seat belt on. Anyway, we talked the whole flight... I had mentioned that I was on the colorguard @ UT... and with some simple cyber-stalking, he located my email address and contacted me. Could possibly have been creepy I guess... but it wasn't. We became friends... and anytime I was in Atlanta to visit my aunt, we would meet up-- he even came to my aunt's and help assemble some blocks for my cousins. My aunt no longer lives in Atlanta... but I keep up with my airplane friend and have even stayed with him and his girlfriend when in town.

Why is it that we have such strong connections with some people that we don't even know? Does that mean you were meant to be friends with this person? Is it all coincidence? Am I am gigantic rambling fool? (it is rather late right now...) ;-)

My most recent random friend was met in Vegas 2 trips ago... The girls and I were acting a fool in our favorite Vegas haunt (Napoleon's)... we just randomly pulled guys up to dance with us. Turns out we grabbed some Brits... and we all know how I love anything pertaining to England. I promptly exclaimed "I am moving to England!" and thus began conversations. After several dances and sing-a-longs... we departed. Two nights later--- BOOM! There they are again. Now in my opinion. seeing a person twice in Vegas is pretty incredible. After more (slightly intoxicated) conversation, and a poorly drawn map of the US (do we REALLY need Florida anyway?)... we exchanged emails. And there it began.

I don't really want to get into a lot of details that most of you would find amazingly dull... It's just that recently I have been thinking about how all this came about. Why did I meet this specfic person? WHY did I see him twice in one trip? How is it that we are still in contact (despite some crazy issues and odds...) What does it mean?

Does it mean anything at all?

or is it all just random coincidence?

It's complicated.

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