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Sunday, November 30, 2008


So to the unknowing eye it might appear I have done NOTHING today... but OH CONTRAIRE! I have been quite busy, though I have not left the couch or changed out of my pjs... I have been working on my resume (again!) and trying to figure out a good plan for getting myself a teaching gig overseas... (which is why I created THIS blog, afterall).

So... several schools I have investigated use agencies to fill their teaching positions. I have previously applied with one of these agencies, but they tend to deal more with secondary teachers. One school I have looked at had some upcoming recruitment fairs listed on their site. So I clicked on the link to the company organizing the fair... and have been working on applying with them. The idea being, perhaps I will be-bop myself to their employment fair in Chicago and land an interview with some schools abroad.

WHEW! See, I told you I have been busy!

I just sent my resume to a principal friend, and while waiting on his suggestions, I decided to check the horoscope. Here is what it says for today:

You have been led along by others for way too long. You need to reassert yourself.

No matter who you're dealing with today, you can expect to be in sync and ready for almost anything that comes your way. It's a great time to coordinate plans and long-range ambitions.

Sweet! Long range ambitions! That is what I have spent ALL DAY on!

Through this particular company you can request domestic locations, as well as those abroad. So I also mentioned that, since it is hard as junk to get on in the UK, I have also pondered relocating to Nashville. So even if my BIG goal isn't achieved this year, my *slightly* smaller relocation goal might be.

**fingers crossed!**

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