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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Horoscope Told Me To!

Well yes, I have been MIA lately... things have been hectic and crazy both at school and home. Just checked my horoscope (also for the first time in AGES)... and it said:

Take some time to focus on you today, whether writing in a journal or starting a new exercise plan. This may give you a new outlook on your life and people will notice a difference in your demeanor. Today's not a good one to make quick financial decisions. Tonight, you may want to relax and go to bed early.

So... this is my "journal" and I am writing in it... (CHECK)

Start a new exercise plan... well, Sunday I went with Josh to the gym where he works out. The guy there gave me a 2 wk. membership. It really isn't convienient @ all... but they are supposed to be building a new one near us (fingers crossed)... so we shall see. But anyway, Sunday I did about 4 miles total... not "running" per se... but 2 miles was on the eliptical machine... and the other 2 at a fast pace.

Went back tonight... did 4 more miles... actually ran part this time :) I know, I know... gotta get my a$$ in gear before March. And it is COLD here now-- making it less likely I will get myself outside and moving. SO... at the end of my 2 weeks, I may have to break down and get a membership... and hope this new gym near the house opens soon.

So, new exercise plan (CHECK)

Along the same lines, I am registered for another 5K in a couple weeks. Gonna see if I can improve my time. Surely I can.

Relax and go to bed early.... WHOOPS!

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