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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Club: Assassination Vacation

Audiobooks are one of my favorite things! Sure, some view them as lazy-- "Seriously! You cannot hold a book and read it yourself?!" Well, Yes, I CAN! However, I am also a multitasker. I like to listen to good books while I do other things like cook, clean, or drive. It's hard to hold a book, read, and do those things-- SO BACK OFF!


My cousin-in-law Thom turned me onto The first book I downloaded from them is Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. I have never read any of her other work, but I enjoy her interviews on The Daily Show, etc.

And this book seemed perfect for me. Like Vowell, I enjoy history and love to travel to historical places and learn new things. And while I would not say that I am fascinated by death as she is, I do LOVE my real-life murder shows. Mysteries have always been a favorite and I love finding out more about how they (and other crimes) are solved.

In Assassination Vacation, Vowell travels to places researching more on presidential assassins. From James Wilkes Booth to the man that shot Chester Garfiled-- possibly one of the least known Presidents-- she looks into it.

And the information she finds and pieces together is brilliant! Now, while I think I would have enjoyed READING this book-- this is an example of a book I like to listen to much more. Vowell's funny little voice and dry, dark humor SHOULD be listened to! (Not unlike my favorite author, and fellow NPR-er, David Sedaris)

This book makes me want to plan a road trip... Who's with me?

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