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Monday, February 16, 2009

Donde esta los plane??

A Wilson/ Justy blog entry
Location: Vegas Airport
Starting Time: 6:15pm

Another Vegas Adventure is coming to a close. It has been another fantastic trip... even though I am fairly confident I (Wilson) was near death. There have been many firsts on this trip-- first time we got IN the fountain in front of the Paris (insert the WOOP WOOP noise police cars make here)...

First time we have seen it rain-- NOT fun...

And then there are the old standards-- NAPOLEON'S... damn we love that place! So many good times and memories there. Wilson even got called out this time-- Thanks David! We made more new friends there this year-- "Glasses"-- she knew the words to EVERY song-- so COOL!

"Scarf"-- we selected her from the crowd outside and motioned her in-- "ME?!" She said... she was wild.

The ladies from San Francisco that let us join them on our couch... the Canadian that Leigh had a slight language barrier with. The guy from CA there on a family reunion-- he's 47, in case you needed to know. And of course, our best buddies there: Billy & David. Sheer geniuses!

Today-- as Wilson is back among the living-- we took a stroll through Bally's and reminsced from Oct... CHOI! Lacy... meeting the Dragon... stalking breaks... Stripes: "Girls!". We even had a drink at OUR table @ the bar. It is kind of strange being in Vegas and knowing that McBritain is not going to randomly walk by... he has become a big part of our Vegas experience... and we miss him & his blue shirt not being around.

Of course, one of our favorite activities here is people watching... we have seen fanny packs, mardi gras beads, confused/ lost/ disoriented people galore... mismatched couples, zebra print pants, and old ladies in scooters abound... we saw a homeless man rummage through a trash can, pull out a beer bottle and proceed to drink from it. And for several people, it seems bad 80's hairstyles are making a comeback... or perhaps they never left in the first place. At the gate @ the airport there were 2 marines-- one completely shitfaced. I mean STUMBLING drunk. Apparently he got quite sick on the flight home-- threw up on some people and passed out in the floor. The cops were waiting to assist him off the plane. Ooh Rah!

HOLY BEANS! (aka frijoles)

Things They **SHOULD** Sell in Vegas

~CSI earmuffs
~Do-it-Yourself IV packs
~Waders for getting the Paris Fountain
~Little, fat flamingoes

Places You Should NOT make a baby

~hotel lobby
~gate @ the airport
~on the plane
~Napoleons's-- or any other bar for that matter

Random Airport Observations

~No matter how good an idea it seems, greasy Sbarro pizza is NOT always a great plan.
~Massive groups of travelling teenagers are annoying
~"TEXAS DEATH MATCH!" is **not** what you want to hear yelled across the food court.
~Delayed flights blow.
~No one, no matter how tough, should ever wear a Louis Vuitton VISOR... esp backwards
~The Burger King Bitch means business-- Don't get crazy!
~Banging metal on metal in the food court does not endear you to anyone. Nor does yelling, "Oh Balls!"
~The smell of Burger King mixed with feet is gross.
~"Big honkin'" is great adjective usage-- as in "all they had was this big honkin' straw"

Airport Quotes from us

~"Oh f*** me! Are they cheering?" - Justy, in response to a cheerleading convention in the terminal
~"People shouldn't wear viking hats... or bluetooths." - Saundra
~"No one seems surprised when we say we're from TN"
~"Control your luggage!"
~"Have a Southwest Day!"


daisy-head said...

Ok, you've mentioned Napoleon's so many times now...where exactly is it? I've only been to Vegas twice, but am definitely going to have to check that place out next time!

S. Dub said...

Dude! It is between The Paris and Bally's... go thru either's casino-- it's between the 2 hotels. It is a dueling piano/ champagne bar-- and in my opinion, the BEST place in Vegas!