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Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Just the Spin Cycle

A Wilson/ Justy Blog

Start Time: 1:14 PM

The word for the weekend: Drama!

It's official-- Leigh has the funk. The same funk that almost did me in a week ago. We need another Do-It-Yourself IV, stat.

It all started with the ice not freezing...

Justy: "WILSON!"

The purse party part of the evening went off without a hitch. Leigh helped me pick out a stylish purse-- she is making me over one piece at a time.

Then it was on to the Sugar & Spice party... Here drama unfolded... Let's just say, "Seriously?! Am I to blame here? I don't think so!"

You have to go through some processes there...

Even the sales lady was drama-rama... telling us about her 400lbs ex husband that she left for his best friend... but it was ok b/c her husband was fooling around with THAT guy's wife.

"Does she think she's black?"

This was all aided by more CRANAPPLE BLAST!

This time we tried it with cranberry vodka-- good plan. This became esp helpful as the international texts from THE DRAGON began.

"You are so sad."
Really? I'm sad? ya think?

Needless to say this led to McBritain drama... poor guy. A week in the US seems to be a good idea... esp after a slap in the face by fate... COME ON McBRITAIN! (We know you're reading this!)

This is where Leigh's GI tract decided to shut down.

This is something I can relate to. Justy made the ultimate sacrifice-- heading into the QuickSak, in pjs, with WONKY hair to get the magic potion: Orange (NOT BLUE, BITCHES) Gatorade.

Justy: "Don't go towards the light, Leigh!"
(muffled giggles from Leigh)

**For safety sake we kept her at a distance... she took over my spot on the couch, infecting all my bedding... and we took refuge in the kitchen... where Justy, in a fit of nervousness over McBritain, began cleaning and disinfecting everything. She put us in a BUBBLE! Then, when things got very stressful, she did the UNTHINKABLE!! She organized the damn pantry! For real!! "Forward Progress!"

Sadly, like the washer, Leigh tummy is still on spin cycle mode-- they even make some of the same noises. Quite disconcerting, really. I am scared to try to move her to the car... and even more afraid to put the car in motion. I think if someone had slapped my ass in a car last Sunday, that would have been the end. Well, of the car's upholstry anyway.

So here we are. Justy is trying to force stomach meds on Leigh. Leigh is turning greener @ the mere mention of THE PINK STUFF. (Justy: "Just trying to help....")

And to top it all off... McB seems to have fallen off the planet. This is also disconcerting.
(Justy:"Where'd he go?")

So we have watched Walk the Line... McSigh... and now we are on to Pretty Woman... "I want the fairy tale..."

Uh oh folks! She's back!!
(giggles) "Asshole! There's a word! That's my favorite word!" ~Leigh

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