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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Club: He's Just Not That Into You

How is it that I always forget how much I love to read? I mean, I guess I get busy... or don't MAKE time to read like I should. Usually I only read on vacation-- on one of my transcontinental or transatlantic flights... And I always think, "I should read more!"

As a kid I was rarely in trouble. Pretty much the only thing my mom got on to me about was reading past bedtime. I was the kid with the flashlights under the covers... or waiting silently till I hear my mom's bedroom door close before I turned the lamp back on.

Sunday my friend Leigh and I each bought a copy of He's Just Not That Into You to read before going to see the movie Friday night. As a rule I try to steer clear of "self-help" type books. The crazy aunts thought they were REALLY funny a couple of Christmases ago when they gave me one of Dr. Phil's books on dating and finding love. WOOF! But I found HJNTIY hilarious! And, as Leigh said, I'm pretty sure now that NO guy has EVER been into me.

You might think this would be depressing, and in some ways I guess it is. But reading the stories and examples in this book mirrored so many of my own experiences, and I guess reading it in this context made me realize how RIDICULOUS I have been in the past.

Yes, it is hard as hell to be a single thirtysomething... Hell, that's why they made a TV show about it years ago-- and that is why it was so popular! People relate! Will it suck to be single forever-- yeah, I guess. Would it be the end of the world? No... Though, I am not fond of the word "Spinster"-- so lets refrain from using that one, ok?

I liked the way this book was written-- it was an easy, fast read. The authors wrote like they were talking to you. They used real words, real examples, and real (gasp!) expletives. While Greg was upbeat, encouraging, and truthful, Liz was the voice we (women) all hear most in our head. The "Yeah, but what if..." voice.

I am certainly no dating expert-- as we all know. But I like what was said in the book. I hope to incorporate some of the advice. While reading it I was reminded of my New Year's resolution (To Be Fearless)... and I, as previously stated, have noticed that as I have gotten older, being single is getting easier. Yes I have moments of insanity-- pretty sure Justy can attest to one Sunday evening... but for the most part I am ok.

Do I think Prince Charming is out there? Well, I dunno about a PRINCE, but there's someone for me. In the meantime, I will take Greg's advice and not "waste the pretty."

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daisy said...

I also enjoyed this book! Definitely not what I thought of as a typical "self help" type of read. I couldn't help but laugh at the things that were pointed out in that book...suddenly I realized what a bumbling fool I had been. lol