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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I go through all kinds of crazy phases and mood swings when it comes to the music I am listening to... I guess this is true of everyone, though I am pretty sure my friend Missy could (& might) listen to Bon Jovi 24/7.

Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE the boys from Jersey, and listen to them my fair share... but lately I've been a lot more mellow. Now sure why, but it has certainly been a nice change.

For the last several days I have pretty much only listened to NPR and WUOT. I love driving to school or wherever else early in the AM listening to the calm DJs and news anchors discussing world problems. In the afternoons I am relaxed by the classical selections. At night the smooth jazz helps me unwind.

Man, I feel like such a grown-up!

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daisy-head said...

I know what you mean. There are times when my old favorites fit the bill, but lately I've been on a jazz and blues kick. I've always been fascinated by how music has such an effect on people. From triggering memories to changing your mood. It's nice to just get lost in it sometimes.