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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heart Smart

Today was the first day back @ school with kids... everything was going fine till 8:30am-- yup, I'd been there an hour. Then the roomie calls...

Josh: I'm having chest pains, can't breathe, and I'm dizzy. Do you think I should go to the hospital? I felt like this last night too.
Me: Uh, WHAT?! Why didn't you say something? Of course you should go to a hospital! Are you home?
Josh: No, I'm driving. I will head to the ER
Me: Call me when you get there so I know you didn't die enroute.

Good lord! So he calls back when he gets there. Then later calls and said they are running tests and might keep him overnight. So I get a sub. And a ride home-- I carpool to work and had not driven today. WOOF. Luckily Travis is in town so he goes with me.

Yeah so... Josh's heart rate got up to 200... and he has an irregular beat. They give him drugs to try to get it down-- doesn't work. So they discuss shocking him... They use anesthesia, stick the EKG thing down his throat to look @ the heart, and prepare the paddles. Well, he coughs as they remove the tube from the throat and the cough causes his heart to regulate itself. So no shock. Good for Josh. But we still have to stay 2 more hours for obserservation. WOOF

So anyway this was all triggered by too much caffeine-- like he would drink 6-10 diet cokes a day... woof... so he is banned... has some meds... and an appt with a cardiologist in 2 weeks.

What a day!

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