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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Horoscope

In keeping with the FEARLESS theme:

Scorpio: My resolution is to express displeasure verbally and not to force others to try to guess what is upsetting me. I'm going to stop using tricky words and mind games and being a total mystery to my partner and my pals. I'm planning on laughing out loud when some tells me something humorous - no more holding back when a smile attempts to spread across my face. From this day forward, I'll save the poker face for the gaming table. As far as all that trash talk about me being jealous, all I can say is, what's wrong with a little honest revenge once in a while? What I'm not going to play down is my seductive charm, enduring loyalty, and innate understanding of my partner.



Sarah0108 said...

Hi. I've been searching Bluewave International to find out more and I came upon the link to your blog. I have to say I've found them very interesting. Are you still considering teaching in the UK next year? I am a secondary teacher and I am hoping to get a position for the fall. A lot of what you've written about wanting to pursue such an experience hit home with me. Everyone says how exciting/adventurous/fun/brave it would be to go, but very few people recognize how utterly terrifying and intimidating it is to make a move like that. I thought if you wanted we could communicate so that if we both decide to go we'll have someone to talk to. ~Sarah

S. Dub said...

Hi Sarah!

Yes, I am still interested in teaching in England... unfortunaltely for me, Bluewave doesn't do much with Primary teachers. And I am not certified to teach Secondary. I am still trying, and have even applied thru some other agencies-- though I will say none have been as helpful or nice as Bluewave.

I have done a lot of research, and talked to a couple of people over there teaching... I agree with you, it would be completely terrifying... but thrilling all at the same time.

Keep me posted on your progress! And good luck! Let me know if you have any questions-- there's a good chance it's one of the millions I have already asked people... :)