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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Five

The instructions--

Today's the day where we (those of us that want to) post 5 things that have made us


Just plain ol' happy this week!

So once you do that..come back HERE and link up.

1.  BP was back down at my Dr. appt on Monday! YAY! I have to go twice a week now for non-stress tests-- they monitor the baby's heartbeat, and take my BP. Miss Priss has been great everytime they have monitored her-- once she calms down and stays in one place long enough to get a reading.

2. Bed Rest-- I am somewhat ashamed to say that I am SO glad to miss this last week of school! It is always crazy and hectic-- but this year I am sure would have been worse. I am completely ready to have this year far, FAR behind me! And Lord knows I needed some rest! I have enjoyed reading and catching up on my "stories." Sure it is hard for me to sit still and to rely on others so much, but I think I will manage!

3. Hope that Hubby will be here SOON! (Hopefully more info on THIS later!)

4. Friends and Family-- As I said above, I am having to rely more on others lately. This is hard as I have always been an independent person. THANKS to everyone that has helped-- grocery shopping, bringing me things from school I needed to finish grades, taken me to dinner, emailed, texted, etc...

5. All the baby things! Seeing this sea of pastels and pinks, diapers and bibs, teddy bears and onesies... It is really becoming REAL! Miss Priss will be here SOON! It's just hard to imagine!


Jenni said...

I'm a teacher too and the last few weeks are always crazy! I don't think people understand it unless they are a teacher. There are a bunch of loose ends to tie up. Good luck with the baby!

Mary said...

Enjoy your time away from everybody! Let me know if there's anything I can do...just a phone call away!

S. Dub said...

First few weeks and the last few weeks are insane! After standardized tests are over, I have to ask, WHAT IS THE POINT? I'm glad I will miss the first month of this next year! WOO!