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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heartburn, Peanut Butter, and a Soapbox Rant

First of all... 8 mo. preggers + Mexican Food + Criminal Minds = HEARTBURN and CRAZY dreams! Luckily I am pretty sure the team from the BAU saved the day every time!

This of course led to me being wide awake at 5:30am... woof. I will HAVE to have a nap later... before the big baby shower party at King Tut's!

Yesterday was a good day-- certainly better than Thursday! No emotional breakdowns... No crazy ass-hot weather... and NO WALMART!  :)  Lacy and I accomplished a LOT on our day of errands... well, I accomplished a lot-- poor Lacy was just kind of there for heavy lifting and support. I finally got some new glasses-- after carrying the prescription around for a month or so... This was quite a feat-- after awhile all the glasses started to look the same... (Hubby got new glasses yesterday too-- and said the same thing-- "Sometimes you can have too much choice, like peanut butter!"-- the first time he was here in the grocery store with me, he was AMAZED at the selection and varieties of peanut butter we have-- "Who could ever need THAT many kinds of peanut butter? Crazy Americans!")

Also got some more shorts, eye make-up, & cell phone cover... plus Lacy and I got rid of a bunch of books at the used bookstore... YAY for decluttering the classroom... a little, anyway...

Speaking of classroom... YES, I know it's summer break, but I came across this article--

How to Handle a Problem Teacher

Needless to say the title intrigued me.Yes, yours truly has been that PROBLEM TEACHER a few times... Including this year (you're shocked, I know...)  Decent advice for the most part... wish some of my parents had read this...

Something else to ask yourself, "Is everything my child saying COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL?" No parent wants to think their kid is a liar-- but how many times have we all exaggerated a teacher's behavior? I've been accused of craziness and things that don't remotely make sense... and if the parents stopped to think about it, they would have seen this too.

And bypassing the teacher and going straight to the principal-- first of all, YES, it blindsides the teacher-- which let me tell you does nothing really but piss them off. But it also usually irritates the principal as well. This happened to me this year-- and my princi was MAD-- not at me, but at the parent. When you think about it-- this is something we teach the kids at school-- conflict resolution! We encourage students to try to work out problems on their own-- before running and tattling to the teacher. It's the same in real life-- when you have a problem at work with someone, do you instantly run to the boss? Do you get mommy and daddy to call your boss and solve the problem for you?

THIS behavior is going to lead to a lot of problems for several kids I know-- yes another reason I can't wait for them to get to middle school and high school. Those principals and teachers won't allow parents to intervene as much as in elementary school. It's called growing up-- look in to it!

Just sayin'...


Dazee Dreamer said...

Criminal Minds was very intense this week. I think I had a little bit of heartburn that night too, but not from being pregnant.

Parents that go directly to the principal are just wusses. They want to get you in trouble, but are too afraid to confront you themselves. You might yell at them, and tell them they are stupid idiots. Poor babies. I bet the tattled to their mom and dad all the time. (stepping off that soapbox now).

Have a great weekend.

Shell said...

LOL I wrote a post similar to that, though I didn't call it a "problem teacher"- it's the parents who are the problem. ;)