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Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 13~ Christmas Cards

I love getting mail all year long! Not bills, junk mail, and credit card offers-- but REAL mail... cards, letters, postcards, etc. I especially love getting, and sending, Christmas Cards. I always hang every card I get up where I can see and enjoy them during the holiday.

Having Friday off allowed me to also get it together enough to take photos for this year's Christmas card. I have sent a cheesy photo Christmas card since I have lived on my own. And yes, they are always of me and the cat(s). The original picture was just me and Khaki. For those of you that never had the pleasure of knowing Miss Khaki, let me just tell you! She was opinionated, cranky, and, for the record, not a fan of wearing a kitty-sized Santa hat. In one of the outtakes from the first year, Khaki is actually biting my face! Another outtake made it on

Yeah, the Grinch ain't got nothing on Khaki!

So this year we took 2 sets of Xmas card photos... Leigh came and lent her assistance with the pet photography. First we decided to take one of me, the cats, AND Josh-- that we will send to mutual friends... Josh has purchased a huge, tacky, inflatable Santa for the front yard-- so we thought-- PERFECT setting! Yeah well... NEITHER cat was impressed with the giant Santa... Much hissing, spitting, clawing, etc. If only sound accompanied our card... GRRRRRRRRRR!

Nothing says CHRISTMAS like laser eyes!

Next was the pic of just me and the cats. In the past this hasn't been TOO difficult. BUt this year was a nightmare. Perhaps because they were already pissed from the first card. Anyhow... for awhile I thought I would have to do one of me and Cleo... another of me and Carl... and just include both pics on the card. I managed to get a few of all 3 of us. I used the one of Cleo sucker punching me in the face:

And I also included the more realistic "GREAT ESCAPE":

For more picture attempts and outtakes, click HERE

I manged to get all cards addressed... bought stamps today... so they should be on their way tomorrow... WOO! Mark that OFF the list!

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