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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 23~ CHAOS!

Well, I guess since I had such a great day YESTERDAY, I was due to have an extra INSANE day today... ARGH! This is why the holidays get on my nerves! Everything comes crashing down at once-- at the most inopportune time...

First I wake up this AM to Josh informing me that his toilet overflowed downstairs. Fantastic. I know there is an issue down there that is in desperate need of a plumber-- but that is one of those things that is SUCH a hassle. Soon though... it WILL happen SOON!

Next we head to Hobby Lobby so I can get some stuff for a scrapbook I was making for Robinette's son... I hate shopping on normal days. I REALLY hate shopping during holidays. Luckily HL was not too bad... but the clerk was chatty and I just wasn't in the mood.

Traffic sucked, though I dealt pretty well with that.

Next Josh was all edgy-- he ended up having to go into work instead of heading to his dad's in Atl... completely sucky.

So then I get a call from my aunt... apparently Grandma dropped the sewing machine down on her hand while trying to change the bobbin. Gma's sewing machine weighs about as much as I do... yep, broken hand.... plus stitches. Luckily the aunts were here to deal with walk in clinics and emergency rooms.


Phone rings... It's brother John... he has (for the 2nd time in a week) locked his keys in his car (in basically the SAME parking lot as last time)... He was in M-ville to pick William up @ the airport... Will's plane was (OF COURSE) delayed... so Jhn went to a store... So I go get John-- head to the airport to get Will... this takes I swear 30+ mins... CRAZY traffic there... CRAZIER people there... Then I take them to Dad's, drop Will off, get John's spare key, and drive him BACK to M-ville.


I was supposed to run with Leigh... but as the rain kept up... and ALL THIS INSANITY... THAT didn't happen.

Next it was off to Chez Robinette to assemble the scrapbook. That was actually the calmest part of the day. It was great to see the girls and to work on something that caused NO stress to me whatsoever.

I then went to Gma's for dinner and to see how she was... Now I'm home and looking for plane tickets to LA for New Year's... woof.

I seriously want to lock myself in my closet and just sleep until March... if I disappear, DON'T come looking for me!

And to everyone out there that is facing serious stress... my thoughts are with you. I realize that my issues are MINOR compared to many... but still. DAMN!

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